Single Wives

Valley of Dry Bones

February 15, 2022 Terri & Wendy Season 1 Episode 1
Single Wives
Valley of Dry Bones
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Episode One introduces your hosts Terri Bone and Wendy Brown. Together they will tell the story about how Everything You See became a Podcast and introduce the theme of Season One. This season will relate to difficulties in marriage which can leave a spouse feeling lonely. Terri and Wendy will also discuss how we truly find God and ourselves by being vulnerable to Him. The three main points of Episode One include:

1- Being in a place of pain, 

2- Running away to a barricade for protection and perceived safety, and 

3-Seeking God amid difficult situations. 

This episode helps the listener identify their hurts and ways they avoid emotional pain.

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Place of Pain
Valley of Dry Bones
Emotional Disconnection
Run to the Barricade
Story: Survive and Thrive Tree