Single Wives

Losing ourselves in the barricade of perceived safety

February 22, 2022 Terri & Wendy Season 1 Episode 2
Single Wives
Losing ourselves in the barricade of perceived safety
Show Notes

Date: 2/22/2022
 Name of podcast: Everything You See
 Episode title and number: Losing ourselves in the barricade of perceived safety: 02

Episode Two involves Terri and Wendy discussing pain and loneliness in difficult marriages by revisiting the place of pain from the first episode. Terri shares a story of hating her situation and herself and calling out to God to give her hope and change. Terri and Wendy discuss God delighting in our vulnerabilities and honesty. Terri and Wendy also discuss running to our barricade (place away from the pain) when things become too painful. Wendy shares insightful definitions about what a barricade is and how we internalize that perceived safety. Terri and Wendy discuss how we lock ourselves away from the world because of pain which causes us to lose ourselves ultimately. Wendy shares a story about how our childhood conditioning impacts our adult relationships. Terri and Wendy discuss the desire to be delighted in. They also share the start of identifying truths and coming out of the barricade. Ultimately, Terri and Wendy discuss God’s desire to be with us and His patience in waiting for us to come out of our barricade. The main points of Episode Two include:

1- Acknowledging pain and loneliness in a difficult marriage 

2- More information on the place of pain 

3- Calling out to God in the ugliness of tough situations and God delighting in us in those moments 

4- Running to the barricade when things are too hard 

5- Developing a perceived idea of safety by closing ourselves off from relationships and the world

6- Identifying lies we believe and ways to proclaim truth over the lies

7- God is waiting for you and not condemning you

This episode helps the listener identify their hurts and ways they avoid emotional pain.
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